The Original Simon Says Discord Bot

An amazing bot that allows you to play fun games in your server. From automatic 24/7 games™ to one-off events - we've got you covered.

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  • Simon Says games
  • Amazing economy
  • Featured in YouTube videos
  • Used by massive servers


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Simon Says

Easily play Simon Says with your server members for free using the Says Discord bot - the original Simon Says bot.

Automatic Games™

Upgrade to premium and get access to Automatic Games™: a feature that allows your server members to play Simon Says games 24/7 without a mod.


Says comes with a built-in global economy system. Allow your server members to do some trading or grinding whilst they're not busy.

Used by Massive Servers

Says is used by some massive community servers across Discord. Why don't you add your server to our ever-growing list of users?


Says was the original Simon Says bot and is made by a proper, fully registered company - not some developer who has no track record.

High Uptime

Uptime is one of our top priorities... just before fun! We try to keep Says always online. We deal with the confusing stuff, you have fun.


We make Says as safe and secure as we can. Only trusted people can access our bot's servers, and we're registered with the ICO.


Says doesn't take a rocket scientist to setup. Simply login to our dashboard, hit a few buttons, and you're running a game!

Sound's World

Sound's World uses Says's Automatic Games™ features to allow their members to play Simon Says games without a moderator's assistance 24/7. Sound's World is one of Says's most active users and in total, has over 350,000 members. If you'd like to try out Automatic Games™, we recommend you try them in Sound's World.